Friday, June 20, 2008

Timing is Everything--- or is it?

Today we found out that my brother's tumor is cancer. He is so strong and has a good outlook. They have had nothing but doom and gloom from the doctors here so he will leave on Tuesday for Tulsa to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This is a wonderful place and my dad had treatments there too. We only wish this had been the first line of defense so my brother is going to make this his first. They are cutting edge, but look at the whole health picture and love God so we are thankful Please pray for him to have complete healing and comfort for our family-- this is very hard on my mom and his wife as you can imagine. Brittany will be staying with my mom most of the time so that will be nice and the kids are going to church day camp next week together.

The day in May I was rushed to the hospital is the day we were going to sign our acceptance papers for moving to Ethiopia. Aser even had to call and let them know it would not be faxed back that day as we had an emergency. The day before we had made an official announcement for us that we would be moving to Ethiopia and Aser would be building the translation center for Wycliffe Bible Translators and I would be teaching at the SIM school called Bingham Academy. We were going to live on the compound of the school and have to be there by August 11th. This would have been a whirlwind, but it seemed like God was laying such a clear path for us to move and then BAM we hit a brick wall that we could not avoid. It is going to take me up to 3 months to regain my total strength and I need to still figure out my blood stuff. Then when my brother was diagnosed we knew for sure we would not be moving to Ethiopia soon. I am not sure why God led us to the doorstep of Ethiopia and then the door would not unlock. Was He seeing if were willing to sell everything and step out in faith? Is it that we may still go, but now is not the time? I can rest knowing that God is in control, but sometimes it would be so much easier seeing a plot map detailing His will. I can still smell Ethiopia and see the vividness of it all. It seems easier to stay here with five children, but there is still such an ache in my heart for Addis Ababa. Just knowing that if I was an Ethiopian woman and got as sick as I did and did not have access to such great care and tranfusions I may have become a stastic-- it really makes you think about the suffering there. We will see where God leads us and I hope we will be open enough to still hear His voice.

Thank you for your prayers--


Jesi and Joe said...

Wow. What a lot to take in. My heart is with you all, especially your brother, during this difficult time. My family is no stranger to cancer and I'm so sorry he has to deal with this. I'm thrilled he is acting swiftly and standing up the fight with a courageous heart. Please keep us updated on how he does and pass along our thoughts and well wishes.

As for moving to Ethiopia, I had no idea you were looking at an opportunity such as this. How exciting and difficult it must be to move forward and plan to take such a huge step only to learn that the path is heading a different direction for now. I'm sure in time things will become more clear and you'll continue to be guided in the right direction. Good luck!

I hope you're still feeling better with each day and the recovery doesn't take as long as predicted. You're an incredible and strong woman and I admire you so much!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say. My heart is heavy for you all. We are relentlessly praying for your family. Your tenacious faith is so encouraging. I'm sure it is a precious offering to Jesus. Please give your mom my love too. We are here if you need anything.
Michelle Domeika