Friday, June 27, 2008

Here is what is NEW

Just a little update on my brother Kary. Today he met with many different doctors and nutrionists. This place is very focused on meeting the needs of the patient entirely. He has a counselor and pastor assigned to him and they go to laugh therapy to get the great endorphines working. They look at all medicines and natural therapies as well and everyone that is there loves God..doesn't get much better than this for cancer help. So far the plan is to have immediate bypass surgery ( this is not the big surgery yet) and will have fractionalized chemo starting right away too. He will be there for 4-5 weeks to have this done. He will come home for two weeks and then return for another month for radiation and then they will decide about the BIG surgery. He will also be receiving natural supplements and feedings too so he will not lose more weight. It is great because here in Washington and Oregon they wanted to spread everything out over many months and that just gives the cancer more time to spread. They said he is young enough to handle the intensity of a more aggressive treatment:) That is just what we wanted to hear. You can pray for their daughter Brittany as she will be apart from them for quite awhile with my mom.

Also, my liver has continued to cooperate and the levels are returning much more to normal. They said in one month I should be back to normal levels and then we will start to work on my chronic anemia and weird blood. I am having an MRI to make sure the spot on my liver is nothing. I am choosing not to be fearful over that!!! I truly never dreamed I would have a blog and then on top of that be writing about my LIVER!???! Life is strange:)

Also, we are so thankful we just received word that our friend Delynn, who is in Ethiopia adopting Dawit ( age 6) is doing great. Her new son has taken to her with open arms and keeps asking when they are going home to America. She is a first time mom and so we are so thankful that things are going great! He loves to ride bikes and his mom is an avid rider--perfect!

God is good!


Jesi and Joe said...

Thanks for the update on Kary... he'll continue to be in our prayers. I'm so happy things are going well with the new doctors and hope that Brittany does well while her mommy and daddy are away getting daddy better!

I'm thrilled YOU are doing so much better too! I hope the spot on your liver has disappeared and any and all weird blood stuff you have going on disappear too! What a lot you've been through and I hope, hope, hope you get to feel HEALTHY again soon!

Hugs to you all!

wmw said...

Thanks for the update.
Did I hear (read) through the (bloggy) grapevine that you are touring the coast soon? You had BETTER stop by and say hi to us!

Andrew & Rebecca said...

Sending all the best to you and your family. Reading that things in general are looking up is wonderful news and yes, God does take care of times we are the sparrow and other times it is someone we know/love, etc.
It's good to see your faith is unwaivering and you are looking to God for comfort and healing.

Garth said...

Love and God best to all of you. I will be praying for you and Kary (and families). May you experience the presence of Christ in this journey. Best -Garth