Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ushering my brother into heaven today--

Here is the blog entry I posted on my brother's blog today at

Surrounded by those who loved him, Kary was finally able to be freed of his suffering at 10:25 this morning. We were able to sit with him through the night and think through our precious memories of him as we watched him move to such a peaceful state. There were many times in the night he was even smiling. Kary knew what was happening and he let us know he was headed to a glorious place with no more pain. As Kary took his last earthly breath, he truly smiled. That is the last picture I have of my brother. What a treasure he has left us with! Kary's faith has continued to amaze me. He was ready to fight if God allowed him, yet so willing to accept leaving this earthly home. I could almost hear the, " Well done by good and faithful son, well done..." as he was drifting. It was a moment of extreme sorrow and yet joy knowing Kary will never have to feel the pain here again. It is sorrow because he leaves a big, actually huge, hole in our lives. He loved so purely and so innocently. It is fun to comfort my heart and think of him meeting up with our daddy. WOW-- I wish I could share my picture with you! I pray that Kary's life has impacted you in some way and most importantly I believe Kary would want you to know that with Jesus there is so much hope. I will miss you beyond what words can express my dear brother. I am not wanting to sign off as this will most likely be the last post I will write on your behalf. You nodded last night in agreement when I said it will not be long and we will be spending eternity together and you will be my brother forever. So for this short time, I will not see you, but I long for the day when we will be reunited. I love you forever and as Jan would say I love you MORE!.


Aki Mori said...

Peace be with you and your family, Kim. Thank you for sharing your brother's beauty with us.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I'm so sorry that it's taken me days to see this. I'm so so sorry. My prayers are with you and your family. He was certainly loved.

Becky and Naing said...

Kimberly, so sorry. that is so beautifully written. peace be with you.

MP said...

My heart is broken for you and your family. I am thankful your dear brother is able to rest now and to suffer no more. What a loss though...know prayers have been lifted for you. Days ahead will have many hills and valleys and it's wonderful to know that the creator will be there to guide you through them.
So sorry you have lost your beloved brother. Your blog/tribute to him was beautiful. He was blessed to have a wonderful sister.
Thank you for sharing his life with us...your blog family and friends!