Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bingham Academy-- This is Where I will Teach and We Will Live

This is a promotional video done about two years ago I think. Murray Overton is the man we met with when we were in Addis. I love the part that shows life right outside of the gates. Also, you can really hear the hearts of the teachers by watching this. We will live on this campus in an apartment. Right now in Addis they are only allowing power every other day. I know this will be an adjustment as I think about cooking, teaching, and hairdryers:) It is so exciting and we are still praying we can make it there this fall. |



Eliseo said...

What an awesome academy, Kim! The facilities look so modern and nice. I know you must be so excited. What grade will you be teaching?

I know the convenience of electricity must be something you are mentally trying to adjust to before you arrive. How do they work refridges and stuff with power only every other day?

I'm very excited for you guys.

Eliseo said...

Sorry - that's me - Dionna. I must be signed on under the hubby. :)

Anonymous said...

Kimberly- Hello!! My Mom and Sister will be in Addis in September. Are you all going to be there then? Let me know please:) Hope your BEAUTIFUL family are all well and we hope to see you maybe before leaving!

New email

Tammi Hagner

Amber said...

Looks like an amazing school. I didn;t know about it so I am glad you posted the video. God bless you in your journey. If you have time to private email me, I would love to know how you told the kids and how they responded. I will tell you why in your email.

DaisyJ said...

This is really neat. We worked at a SIM school in Cochabamba Bolivia. Some of the long term SIMmers there were raised in Ethiopia and attended Bingham. Pretty neat.