Friday, July 11, 2008

July 10th, 1968 -- Oh Yeah! That Makes ME 40!

My family has made me feel more special than I have deserved. I will share more later as tomorrow we are off to look at over 10 lighthouses. I just love lighthouses!( we will be covering about 800 miles in two days) So this is a big treat for me! I also got to go with my one and only guy to my favorite breakfast joint and have raspberry crepes at the Original Pancake House-- that was wonderful! Then my mom took me to The Chart House-- I have not been there since I was suffering from prego sickness with Nehemiah ( yeah that would have been in my 20's). My mom had even arranged for my name and birthday to be printed on my menu:) and then I had two hours to shop by myself with a giftcard I have had about 7 months so that was fun. My mom had us all over for dinner and so this video was from her house. I had more cards, hugs and sweet words from my kids and hubby than I can count. My mom can't believe she is old enough to have a daughter who is 40 now. After being so sick and wondering if I would be here I can say I am truly jumping up and down to be 40 and be SO ALIVE:) Yeah, I have to overlook skin that is starting to do the aging thing and veins that are popping out on legs that used to be smooth...but this has helped me see the bigger picture in so many ways.

Lighthouses here we come!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day K!!

Woo hoo!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kimberly!! Hope you have a great weekend!
Kim P.

Jesi and Joe said...

Love the video! That's priceless!

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday!!!

Can't wait to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy B-day Kimberly-

Dwayne and Dustin had a birthday today so you all are just 1 day apart! Hope you have a great time and hope to get to see you soon and visit!


The Hagner Family

WMW said...

Happy birthday! Hope your weekend was great! (Did you bump into my friend McKenzie working at Heceta Head, I wonder?) Hope to see you soon -


KE said...

Hey, Kimberly!!! My 40th is July 25. I agree, it's going to be great to be 40. I think each year gets better and better. :)